What is is an Internet-based service that makes it easy to manage individual records and communicate important information within a Boy Scout Troop.

  • You can easily send e-mail messages to your den/patrol or leader without having to know all their e-mail addresses — knows them for you!
  • Scouts, Troop leaders and achievement/award coordinators have additional capabilities customized for their role in the Troop.
  • Security and privacy is maintained with your own userid and password.

For more information, refer to

Instructions for using

Once your information has been entered into, you will receive an email on behalf of your troop point of contact with the link to and your username and password. You can click the link in the email, or you can just go to and enter your username and password. The first time you login, you will have a chance to change your password if you like. Enter your password (twice) on that screen and then you are taken to the main menu. At the main menu, you will see the following choices including:

You can also:

Periodically, you should update your personal information along with your son’s by clicking

When you first login, please go to “Change your profile” and complete the information there. If you prefer that your information not be available to other members of the troop, check the “keep private” box. Make sure you click “save” on the right and the return button

Explore the different choices simply by clicking the links.

If you have questions, look at the FAQ, explore, or email a leader.