Pioneering @ WYLTK, Fri. 3/4 – Sun. 3/6

T-212 Pioneering Challenge 2011

All of the adults will grade the shelters, the troop wide challenges and Saturday evening’s desert as well as all the patrol meals, and patrol’s scout spirit this weekend. Generally, the overall competition grading will start Friday evening for all the adults throughout the weekend. Only the 2 adults officially assigned to the 5 daytime events will score on these daytime events. Each of these 5 events will last 55 minutes, with 5 minutes to move to the next event in rotation. Note there are 5 Patrols and 5 events. Scouts are not to wander around during these events….not adhering to this rule will result in losing points. Useful camping tools or “trading post money” may also be earned at the 5 events along the way.

If you wish to attend this adventure, please bring $35.00, and the standard permission slip found on our web page, to the Troop meeting tonight, Monday, February 21st.