Troop Leadership Canoe @ Colorado River, Fri. 9/6 – Sun. 9/8

Blythe to Walter’s Camp Landing Canoe Trip

I would like to make a change to the calendar, based on popular demand, ….and add another summertime canoe trip to the program….one that we have never done before; Blythe to Walters Camp. We would need to bump the night time fishing trip to a different date, because that weekend is the one I plan to use. We would meet at the church parking lot on Friday, August 23rd, go to Blythe Marina, camp there, and launch the next morning, Saturday, travel about 16 miles, camp on a beach, and Sunday, after an early breakfast, travel another 16 miles to Walters camp for take out, be van pooled back up to our vehicles in Blythe, and then travel home. ….no point in sleeping the final night in the heat when we do not have to….learned that on last year’s trip. We will be home late on Sunday.

John Douglas


  • Trip Booklet (Updated 6/26/13DOC PDF
  • Permission Slip DOC PDF
  • Driving Map LINK