Patriot Day @ Del Valle Park, Thu 9/11

PATRIOT DAY – 9/11/14

The purpose of this event is to commemorate 9/11, honor our soldiers and first responders and to focus the community on patriotism as a value worth honoring and preserving. Our scouts will participate (along with other troops) by marching in with flags and standing before the stage for a brief opening ceremony. They will then march out, and are strongly encouraged stay to enjoy the event and concert (picnic with family, friends and fellow scouts) or leave (understanding homework, other activities may require the scout’s attention). This is a community event where our scouts should be visible. It has civic and patriotic significance they should be learning to value (like Memorial Day flag planting).

Scouts arrive in Class A Uniforms for check-in at 5:00pm; line-up for ceremony at 5:45pm; opening ceremony with processional at 6pm (troop makes its entrance), scouts should be finished with their role by 6:15pm.
We will bring our American flag and our Troop flag. Our scouts that are not carrying/presenting those two flags will be handed individual flags (medium sized) to hold for the ceremony. The opening ceremony is to start at 6pm. Our scouts will be in front of the stage for roughly five minutes and then will file back out. John Douglas, our SPL, and Dustin Reece will arrive earlier to check in with the organizers at the Youth Center in the center of the park.

Del Valle Park – Youth Center (on the corner of Woodruff and Arbor).
It would be wise to drive to the park and seek nearby parking prior to our 5pm meeting time. The park is not huge. It will be easy to find the staging area and our troop flags.

Questions should be directed to trip leader Dustin Reece (Contact information on ScoutTrack)

Thank you.