Summer Camp @ Catalina Sun 7/22 – Sat 7/28

Troop 212 Summer Camp info update and reminders:

1. Our check-in time is at 7:00 AM with the SPL prior to loading.  (Directions below)All bags must be marked on the outside with owners name and troop number, so the bags will be delivered properly. At this check-in each scout may give our Troop Banker ( Terrie) an envelope, with their name on it, of cash for use in Trading Post. This cash should be fives and singles only….nothing larger. Also at this check-in, any medicine should be given to Terrie in its original container.  Also consider your plans to handle the boat ride if you are prone to getting seasick.

2. Everything needs to capable of just one trip from dock to camp. One large duffle bag, whatever size or weight you want, as long as you can carry it, and one day pack. Daypacks highly encouraged because they will be useful all week.

3. The camp is providing dishware for all our meals except for the overnighter called ” war canoe” . This should consist of one bowl, spoon, fork, and drink mug.

4. Hats and sunscreen are STRONGLY encouraged. Merit badge books should be brought from home, along with writing paper and pens.  The camp will not be providing these.

5. Mail instructions have been sent to you already. But if you have any questions, please ask me. Receiving mail at camp is an important part of the experience.

Driving Instructions
1. From LA on the Southbound 110 Harbor Freeway, you’ll exit right (south) on Harbor Blvd.
2. Turn left at First street traffic signal to enter parking lot (First Street) IOWA parking.
3. Cross tracks then turn right and follow parking lot entrance driveway.
4. Go straight towards the big white tent.
5. By the tent, QUICKLY drop all scouts and equipment off there.
6. Driver continues on and parks the vehicle in the lot ($17/day)
7. When the driver rejoins the group, follow the walk on the Harbor Blvd. side of the white tent to the boarding area, approximately 352 feet.
8. The dock from which we load is located between the Fire station and the Maritime Museum. These docks do not show up in Google maps or Google Earth
9. Line up with your troop along the rail at the first boarding gate.
10. Wait patiently to be checked in by camp staff
11. Once checked, the troop will board the boat.
12. Once a boat is near, or at capacity, it will leave and next boat will be loaded

. We will try to all arrive on the same boat, but just in case, Scouts should not panic if separated on different boats…we are all going to the same camp.  We will distribute the attending parents accordingly.

  • Trip Letter:  DOC PDF
  • Permission Slip:  PDF
  • Emerald Bay Arrival Aid:  PDF
  • Camp Emerald Bay Forms and Packets:  LINK
  • WLACC Adult Release:  LINK (Required for adults attending camp)
  • Rifle & Shotgun Release Form:  LINK (4 copies required for all scouts)
  • WLACC Youth Permission Slip:  LINK (Required for all scouts)
  • Scuba – Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding PDF
  • Scuba – Continuing Education Administrative Document PDF
  • Scuba – Liability Release PDF
  • Scuba – Medical Statement PDF