60th Family Picnic, Sat 5/17

The Troop Anniversary BBQ is rapidly approaching, being next Saturday, May 17 th. If you wish to attend, and have not yet paid or submitted a Reservation Form with us , your final opportunity to do so will be the May 12th Troop Meeting.

Please take note of the following information;

  • We will be located in the SG area of El Dorado Park. You would enter thru the Spring Street Gate. A detail map is attached to this e-mail. You can find the same map on our web site soon, …click on “trips” tab and scroll down. We will have our troop sign visible to make it easier to locate our area. You can look for our two big silver tarps as well.
  • Please remember to bring your folding chairs. If you have an “ Easy Up”, please bring that as well. All these items need the families name on them…that includes the carry bags as well.
  • The fun begins at 10 AM with some open field games that include volley ball, horse shoes and badminton.
  • We plan on serving lunch at about 12 noon, for about an hour.
  • The morning games are just for fun and warm up to prepare for the after lunch competition games that will give family teams an opportunity to win prizes and ribbons. These Family Games will begin at about 1:30 PM. Family teams will have the opportunity to enter three competitions; Egg Toss, Three Legged Race, and the Tug Of war. Expect to get dirty or even muddy during these afternoon games.
  • This is a Boy Scout Family outing, which requires the standard permission slips completed and collected at our Check In Table . Please download the blank form from our website, also located on the “trips” tab.
  • Another reason for this BBQ is to allow more reunion time that began the evening before at the Big Party. We encourage everyone to bring any pictures or other items to share
  • Please keep in mind this is a Family Event that prohibits any consumption of alcohol.
  • Clean up begins at 3:00 PM. We need to out of the Park by 4 PM, so we request as many folks as possible to stay and help us accomplish this.

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions

  • Permission Slip DOC PDF
  • Map of El Dorado Park Location  PDF