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Merit Badge & Advancement Day

Sponsored by Troop 212

OPEN TO ALL BOY SCOUTS (up to age 17)


DATE: Saturday, June 16, 2018

MAIL IN REGISTRATION ONLY.  Deadline to register is June 1, 2018.

Grace First Presbyterian Church
3955 Studebaker Rd., Long Beach CA 90808

COST:  $20 for up 2 sessions; nonrefundable. Lunch may be pre-purchased for $5. Snacks will be available for purchase throughout the day. Scouts who cannot afford the registration fee should contact the Registrar about scholarships.


  • 7:15 -8:00am • Check In
  • 8:05-8:25am • Flags & Opening
  • 8:30-11:00am • Session 1
  • 11:00-11:30am • Lunch
  • 11:30am – 2pm •  Session 2
  • 2-3pm • Clean Up, volunteers encouraged


Numbers indicate prerequisite requirements (w/proof) to be completed in advance of the Merit Badge Day

The Official Boy Scout Merit Badge requirements can be found online at:

  • American Labor*  None
  • CIT Nation  2, 3, 8
  • Chess  6  FULL
  • CIT World  7   FULL
  • Communication  4, 5, 7, 8
  • Crime Prevention*  1, 7
  • Disabilities Awareness  2, 4
  • Electricity  2, 8, 9a (+$5 Material Fee)  FULL
  • Fingerprinting**  None  FULL
  • First Aid ***  1, 2d, bring kit
  • Music 3
  • Photography  4
  • Plumbing  None (+ $5 Material Fee)  FULL
  • Sports  4,5
  • Traffic Safety** None

FULL Trail to First Class – The following breakout sessions are offered for those with the rank of Scout, Tenderfoot or Second Class to progress towards earning their First Class rank.

  • Ropes & Lashings (Morning Session 1)
  • Maps & Compass (Afternoon Session 2)

Eagle Project Coaching for Success – During this class, Scouts will receive experienced guidance to choose and plan a successful Eagle Project! This breakout session is recommended for older Scouts, near or at Star or Life rank.

*Morning Session 1 Only, **Afternoon Session 2 Only, ***Requires BOTH Sessions. Eagle Required badges are in blue. ONE Eagle required badge can be taken on this day.


THINGS TO DO IN ADVANCE: Get approval from your Scoutmaster and a signed Blue Card; NO Blue Cards will be issued at the event. Buy or borrow the appropriate merit badge book(s); study all information for each badge and complete the prerequisites/worksheet shown above.

THINGS TO BRING: (a) Proof of completion for all perquisites (e.g. the completed worksheets, pictures, etc.) signed by Scoutmaster or guardian; (b) Scoutmaster signed “Blue Card” for each merit badge you are registered for; (c) The merit badge book (read in advance) for each merit badge you will attend; (d) Pen or pencil; (e) Dress in Class A uniform (NOT Class B T-Shirt); (f) Cash for snack bar.

All BSA requirements will be followed. Each scout will be tested individually and the Merit Badge Counselor has the right and authority to approve or disapprove prior work done. Our experience indicates some scouts will earn partials, but scouts can make their own arrangements to continue to work with the Counselor after the Merit Badge Day; name and contact details of the Merit badge Counselor will be provided. Parents and Scout Leaders are welcome, but not required. Due to class limits, enrollment priority will first be by registration postmark, and second by rank for Eagle required.

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