60th Adult Party, Fri 5/16

Hi All…

This upcoming 60th Anniversary Party at the Grand, < now less than a week away, has been a challenge, mainly because our goal is to deliver more “WOW” than the last one, 10 years ago. Perhaps at first this might appear an “impossible mission”, but I believe we have succeeded in raising the high bar Troop 212 style,  yet again, as many of you experienced in the past when we have shared action packed adventures together during our trips to Washington DC, or our out of state summer camps, or when we have launched from the base of Hoover Dam for our Colorado River canoeing adventures.   This Friday evening, May 16th event contains a very full program, so please keep in mind the doors to the Catalina Room at The Grand open at 6 PM , and I suggest you plan on arriving as near  to that time as possible,  which will ensure not missing any of the good stuff.  Since this is an adult event, the cash Bar will be open at 6 PM as well. By the way, if the details below sounds like a fun evening, and you have not yet registered for one of the few remaining seats at this “once in a lifetime party”, just send an e-mail to Scoutmaster@troop212.net to remedy this .

So, what do I mean by “good stuff” ? Just so you are aware, using the review comments from the last time we held this event, our enhancements this time fall into four categories; we needed a DJ with good music and special lighting for dancing, we needed some kind of entertainment or show, there needed to be an Anniversary Cake Cutting Ceremony, and we needed more time to view the memorabilia, and especially the slide show pictures.

This time, we have hired a marvelous DJ with plenty of good 60’s music to support our anniversary theme throughout the evening, as well as support the dancing and lighting request later in the evening.  The show and entertainment portion of the evening is an original production, which promises to be surprising, and maybe even slightly magical. The memorabilia area will draw a flood of great stories from all of you, achieved by the four tables of professionally presented Memorabilia and Collectibles Scouting  items from our Councils Archivist, but also the two tables of Troop 212 archived materials, much of it never before viewed by the public…hidden away all these years just for this night.  To give you an idea, instead of a still life picture show, we have unearthed many hours of never viewed before archived videos from Troop events years ago, to be viewed this night on three concurrent projection systems.  These videos will be added to the Time Capsule at the end of the evening.  Also, leave time to take pictures with friends you have not seen for many years by the special 60th Anniversary Cake, while it is still available, or by the Troop Banner  or Troop Sign.

When you first walk in, after the Registrations Tables, the Troop 212 Anniversary Cake will be on your immediate left and the Time Capsule Collection Table, with the actual burial case, will be immediately on your right. Please drop off the donated items, with write ups, you are offering at that location.

Assuming you arrive promptly at 6 PM, the busy evenings’ schedule allows a full hour for the above viewing, as well as catching up with friends we have not seen for years, because the Opening Ceremony begins at 7:10 PM, just like a troop meeting,  or Court of Honor, to “officially” begin the event. However, this opening ceremony will be very different than anything viewed at any scouting event. This may sound “impossible” you say ? Stay tuned….And, just like a real meeting, some activity will begin occurring at 7 PM.

Following the opening ceremony and introductions, the meal portion of the program will be served at 7:30 PM and finished by 8:30 PM. We will be enjoying a garden salad, or tri-pasta salad, Roasted Beef Brisket , Rice Pilaf, Fresh Steam Vegetables, Bread and Butter, and the Coffee Bar will be open all evening.

From there we lead into the Awards And Recognitions portion of our program for the next 45 minutes. Over the years there have been many “Heroes” that have made our boys program so effective, and we would like to show our appreciation.  In addition, our Eagles in the room will be REALLY glad they attended.

Then at about 9:15 PM, we all enjoy our special Anniversary Cake, leading into our 9:30 PM entertainment show for 30 minutes. Our troop is famous for our unique Adventure Trips outside of our local area, so this time we are delivering to the room a unique show from a faraway land.

The final hour, from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM,  is set aside for all to enjoy our open dance floor, or more video and other memorabilia viewing, or just more visiting and photography  time with old or  new friends. By the way, each table will have a troop owned camera ready to go with a 20 picture capacity, which will be processed by the troop, and later placed on our web site. Also, there is a very special parting gift at the very end of the evening for each participant.

So, if this fully scheduled evening, which has a little something for everyone, sounds like fun, come prepared to say “ WOW !”…..and if you have not yet registered for one of the few remaining seats, just send an e-mail to Scoutmaster@troop212.net  NOW!

Troop 212 60th Anniversary Flyer with Registration